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Sips and Berries Owner

How it All Began

Sips & Berries wasn’t the first new life I welcomed into this world. Leading up to and following the birth of my first child, I was searching for fresh ways to reclaim my health and boost my (much needed) energy. I experimented with all of the traditional approaches and diets, with some success and even less enthusiasm. Now as a busy mother of three I was quickly realizing that I needed to find ways to make healthy eating habits fun and convenient for myself and my family. Enter the magnificent smoothie.

The adventure started where all great things do – the kitchen. While trying new ideas to keep my motivation up I found myself crafting fun and flavorful concoctions that even my pickiest eaters couldn’t get enough of. With a regular dose of my favorite smoothies I was able to regain control of my portions and lose weight, all while enjoying what I was eating! I began to see that many others in my local community were searching for healthy alternatives that didn’t require a change in lifestyle and didn’t break the bank. And so, Sips & Berries was born.

Our team set to work creating a robust menu of flavorful smoothies, juices and bowls with quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. In late Spring 2022, we opened the doors for the very first time. We are so excited to welcome our neighbors and friends to join us on this journey. Welcome to Sips & Berries!